LAP-BAND® and Pregnancy

What You Should Know About LAP-BAND® and Pregnancy

Pregnant woman in pink shirt sitting cross-legged and holding hands over bellyIf you are a woman considering LAP-BAND® surgery, you may have questions about whether or not you can become pregnant after your procedure. Your LAP-BAND® itself will not interfere with your pregnancy or reproductive organs in any way. In fact, losing weight with the aid of your LAP-BAND® can actually improve your fertility and overall health for a safer pregnancy. To learn more about the LAP-BAND® and pregnancy, contact The LifeBand® center in Fairfield County, CT. Our team can answer your questions and provide more information on The LifeBand® program.

Understanding How LAP-BAND® Affects the Body

After it has been placed, the LAP-BAND® gastric band will not interfere with your ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, or any other organs involved in pregnancy or childbirth. Your LAP-BAND® encircles the upper portion of  your stomach, restricting its size so that you lose weight over time. Neither the band or the attached cord and port will interfere with you becoming or remaining pregnant.

In some cases, undergoing LAP-BAND® surgery can actually increase your ability to become pregnant. Obesity is a common contributing factor to infertility. Once you have achieved a healthy weight with the aid of LAP-BAND®, your hormone levels will begin to stabilize. This can help regulate your ovulation cycle and increase your chances of becoming pregnant. Women at a healthy weight are also less susceptible to certain diseases and disorders that contribute to high-risk pregnancies, such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Before becoming pregnant, it is important that you are fully recovered from your LAP-BAND® surgery. During the first year following the procedure, you will undergo rapid weight loss due to a greatly reduced caloric intake. You should avoid becoming pregnant in this first year because of the significant changes occurring in your body. Once your weight has stabilized, you will be better able to monitor the changes that  naturally occur during pregnancy. 

Pregnancy and Weight Control

It is important that you let your bariatric surgeon, nutritionist, obstetrician, and general physician know about your pregnancy as soon as possible. While it is completely safe for you to become pregnant, your doctors will help monitor your health and ensure that your LAP-BAND® is working properly in the upcoming months.

There are some important considerations that relate to controlling your weight during your pregnancy. Your nutritionist will work with you to ensure that you are maintaining a healthy diet and receiving the nutrients you need. Your bariatric surgeon and nutritionist may choose to slightly reduce the inflation of your LAP-BAND®, which allows you to take in more calories while you are pregnant.

Living Your Life with LAP-BAND®

After you have given birth, you will need to speak with your doctors about when it is safe to resume exercising and determine an appropriate nutrition plan. Once you have fully recovered from your pregnancy and stopped breastfeeding, your bariatric surgeon may adjust the inflation of your LAP-BAND® to help you achieve your target weight again. To learn more about becoming pregnant with LAP-BAND®, contact the LifeBand® Center today.


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