The LAP-BAND® Procedure

How the LAP-BAND® Procedure Is Performed

A woman sitting in the water at the beachLAP-BAND® surgery is a weight loss option for patients with a BMI of 30 or higher. This procedure can benefit patients who wish to lose 30 or more pounds. The LAP-BAND® System helps you lose weight through the use of an adjustable band, which is surgically placed around the stomach. The band restricts the amount of food you can eat in one sitting. Although traditionally reserved for patients with a BMI of 40 or higher, LAP-BAND® is now available to patients who may not meet insurance requirements but still want to lose weight. To learn more about the LAP-BAND® procedure, contact our Fairfield County office today.

About LAP-BAND® Surgery

The LAP-BAND® procedure is less invasive than other types of bariatric surgery, providing patients with long-term results and a reduced risk of complications. LAP-BAND® surgery is typically performed as an outpatient procedure, and surgery itself usually only takes one to two hours. You should prepare to have a loved one drive you home and stay with you during the initial recovery period.

LAP-BAND® surgery is performed laparoscopically. First, the surgeon will make a few small incisions in the abdomen. Next, surgical instruments and a laparoscopic camera are used to place the LAP-BAND® Gastric Band around the upper portion of the stomach. The band creates a smaller stomach capacity, which limits the amount of food the patient can ingest.

One of the great benefits of surgery is that the LAP-BAND® Gastric Band is adjustable. The band is attached to a long, thin silicone tube. The tube has an access port, which is placed just below the skin of your abdomen. Over the next few months, the surgeon will be able to easily adjust your LAP-BAND® System from this port, as needed. The band has small, pillow-like pockets that can be inflated or deflated with saline solution, which adjusts how tightly the stomach is restricted.

The Benefits of LAP-BAND® and LifeBand®

The LifeBand® method of LAP-BAND® surgery is a great option for patients who have between 30 and 100 pounds to lose, but may not qualify for insurance coverage. When you receive LAP-BAND® surgery through the LifeBand® system, you can enjoy:

  • A private surgical suite where you have the full attention of the LAP-BAND® certified surgical team.
  • One-on-one counseling and advice from a bariatric surgeon, nutritionist, and other bariatric professionals.
  • Less expensive treatment. The LifeBand® method of surgery begins at just $10,999; this is much less than the traditional LAP-BAND® System surgery, which can cost as much as $30,000.
  • The ability to lose one to three pounds per week with proper diet and exercise.
  • An adjustable band that can be tightened or loosened according to how your body is responding to weight loss.
  • The ability to remove your band if necessary in the future. Unlike other surgical weight loss solutions, LAP-BAND® is removable.

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If you wish to lose weight and start a healthy new lifestyle, we are prepared to help you. To learn more about LAP-BAND® surgery performed as part of the LifeBand® experience, contact us today. 


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