LAP-BAND® Revision

LAP-BAND® Revision Surgery Options

a medical consultationMany patients have achieved their goal of weight loss through LAP-BAND® surgery with no complications. However, if LAP-BAND® revision becomes necessary, the Fairfield County, CT, LifeBand center is here to help. At our accredited, private surgical facility, your surgeon can replace, reposition, or remove your LAP-BAND® and help you continue pursuing your goal of weight loss. Contact the LifeBand Center today to learn more about LAP-BAND® revision.

When is Revision Necessary?

The LAP-BAND® is a unique bariatric solution that is fully adjustable and easily reversible (it is important to understand that adjustments are not the same as revision, and require only a minor surgery). The LAP-BAND® has become very popular among those who wish to address weight-related health issues and begin a healthy new chapter in their lives, but as with any surgical solution, it is not without some risks. LAP-BAND® revision can become necessary when:

  • The device slips from its original position on the stomach, creating a pocket that is too large or too small. 
  • The device has begun to erode the tissues of the stomach.
  • The device has become infected, or is being rejected by the body.
  • The patient has developed gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).
  • The device has failed to result in successful weight loss.

To identify any need for revision as soon as possible, it is important to attend regular follow-up visits with your bariatric surgeon and maintain a healthy lifestyle following surgery. If you notice any pain, dramatic weight loss or gain, bruising, swelling, or feelings of nausea, contact your surgeon immediately.

If you have never undergone LAP-BAND® surgery, but are considering it as a weight loss solution, it is important to understand that you can minimize your risk of all related complications by choosing an outstanding practice with an excellent track record of patient satisfaction to coordinate your treatment.

Your Revision Options

The best course of LAP-BAND® revision for you will depend on your needs and circumstances. During a consultation, your surgeon will examine your condition and recommend a solution. Your bariatric surgeon may recommend replacing your LAP-BAND® with a new device. If the LAP-BAND® has malfunctioned or is not properly restricting your stomach, a new band can correct these issues. In some instances, your surgeon may recommend repositioning the LAP-BAND® in order to resume its proper function.

In the case of stomach erosion, infection, or intolerance, you may require more extensive surgery. If your stomach tissues have become infected or damaged, they will need to be repaired. Some patients who develop these complications may choose to undergo a different type of bariatric surgery. Your surgeon will discuss your surgery options to determine if there is a better solution for your unique needs after LAP-BAND® removal.

Learn More about LAP-BAND® Revision Options

If you have developed any adverse symptoms after your LAP-BAND® placement, contact your bariatric surgeon immediately. If LAP-BAND® revision is necessary, we are prepared to help you at the LifeBand surgical center. You can depend on our skilled surgeons and staff to provide compassionate care, thorough patient education, and long-term benefits.  Contact us today to learn more.


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