Understanding LAP-BAND® Risks and What They Mean for You

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LAP-BAND® is an amazing weight-loss solution that is appropriate for patients who have struggled, unsuccessfully, to lose weight through diet and exercise. This reversible bariatric system is much less invasive than other types of weight-loss surgery, although like any surgical procedure, it does pose some risks. When you undergo LAP-BAND® surgery as part of the LifeBand® Program, you can rest assured that every measure will be taken to mitigate your risk and ensure that you have a safe and successful surgery. To learn more about LAP-BAND® risks, contact our Fairfield County, CT facility today.

Common Risks Associated with LAP-BAND®

There are a few areas of risk that you should be aware of if you are considering LAP-BAND® surgery. The first are common risks that are associated with any surgery. These risks are rare, and usually result when certain surgical precautions and preparatory measures have not been taken by the surgeon or facility they operate within. These risks include:

  • Blood clots
  • Negative reactions to surgical medications or anesthesia
  • Infection
  • Excessive bleeding

A second risk area for LAP-BAND® surgery relates to the band itself malfunctioning or not working properly. These include:

  • Band slippage
  • Band erosion or deflation
  • Vomiting or reflux
  • Bodily rejection of the gastric band

A third category of risks associated with LAP-BAND® is associated with the amount of weight a person does or does not lose. When it is not regulated properly or a patient does not receive proper counseling on living with LAP-BAND®, he or she can lose an excessive amount of weight too quickly. Conversely, a band that is not regulated properly or a patient's failure to adhere to lifestyle changes can result in compromised and unsatisfactory weight loss.

Preparing for and Mitigating Risk

When you select a skilled bariatric surgeon with a history of successful surgery who works in an accredited, clean, and well-equipped surgical facility, you can do a great deal to reduce the chances of developing complications related to your surgery. When you undergo LAP-BAND® surgery with the LifeBand® Program, your surgery is performed in a private facility that is luxurious and comfortable. The LifeBand® facility is fully equipped to handle any problems or emergencies that might arise during surgery. 

Your bariatric surgeon will work closely with you to understand your medical history and avoid any complications associated with chronic conditions or allergic reactions. You will consult with a nutritionist and certified nurses who can help you prepare for and recover from LAP-BAND® surgery with minimal risks. This team of professionals will help you prepare for your new life with LAP-BAND®, which reduces the risk that it will fail.

When you work with a qualified surgeon who operates in a certified surgical facility, you can feel confident as you begin your LAP-BAND® journey. You should always feel comfortable asking any questions and raising any concerns you have with your physician. By fully understanding the risks and benefits of LAP-BAND® surgery, you can ultimately determine whether this surgery is right for you. 

Learn More During a Consultation

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