LAP-BAND® Follow-up Care

What You Should Know About LAP-BAND® Follow-up Care

Man and woman holding hands and wading in surfLAP-BAND® surgery can achieve amazing results for your physical appearance, overall health, and confidence. Now, even if you have as few as 30 pounds to lose, you can undergo this safe and effective surgery with the affordable LifeBand® Program. Rather than perform your procedure at a hospital, your bariatric surgeon will operate in our private on-site surgical suite. In order to achieve a successful outcome with LAP-BAND® surgery, you will need to attend periodic follow-up appointments and adhere to certain lifestyle changes. To learn more about LAP-BAND® follow-up care, contact our Fairfield County, CT, office today.

Follow-up Appointments

Your LAP-BAND® procedure will be performed as an outpatient surgery, meaning you will return home on the same day. Once your bariatric surgeon has completed your treatment, he or she will provide you with a special compression garment to wear home. Over the next week, you will need to rest as you begin to adjust to your LAP-BAND®. You should keep your incision site clean and strictly follow your nutritionist's advice. In most cases, your first few days after surgery will consist of a liquid-only diet.

Approximately one week following surgery, you will return to our LifeBand® office and meet with your surgeon. Your doctor will ensure you are healing properly and on schedule. Your surgeon will ask how you are feeling and answer any questions or concerns you might have about your recovery. You will also discuss whether you can begin exercising at this point.

Your appointments with your nutritionist are very important to your success with LAP-BAND®. Your nutritionist will guide you as you transition into your new lifestyle and help customize your dietary plan according to how your body is responding to LAP-BAND®.

Banding Adjustments

In some cases, patients will return to The LifeBand® center in Fairfield County for banding adjustments. The LAP-BAND® has an access port just beneath your skin. Your doctor will use a long needle to access the port, adding or removing saline from the LAP-BAND®. This inflates or deflates small pillows within the portion of the band that encircles your stomach, which changes how constricted it is.  

Ultimately, a tighter band will result in faster weight loss, and a looser device will result in slower weight loss. For patients who have already lost some weight but need to lose more, a banding adjustment can speed up even more substantial weight-loss results. You should keep in mind that banding adjustments will require follow-up appointments just like your original LAP-BAND® surgery.

Lifestyle Changes

In addition to your meetings with your nutritionist and surgeon, the most important aspects of your LAP-BAND® follow-up care relate to daily lifestyle habits. There are some foods and drinks you will need to avoid, such as carbonated beverages. You will greatly reduce your portions per meal, which can be a substantial change for many patients. Your nutritionist will help ensure that you are receiving the proper nutrients your body needs since you will be taking in fewer calories.

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Even after you have fully adjusted to your new LAP-BAND® lifestyle, you will need to have it regularly checked to ensure the device is functioning properly. If you notice any pain, swelling, rapid weight gain or loss, or any other physical changes that seem out of the ordinary, you should see a doctor immediately. To learn more about LAP-BAND® follow-up care and how you can benefit from The LifeBand® Program, contact us today.


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